09 January 2008

Namibia - here we go!

Welcome - finally! Willkommen - endlich!

Not one to quickly climb onto new trains rushing down Internet and technology highways, it took me a rather long time to start my own blog. I've READ countless by now while wading through the daily refills of my Inbox but never ever commented on one - so far. For me blogs are (should be) part of an ongoing learning experience and although my reading covers a wide spectrum of topics it still is selective. Quality definitely takes preference over quantity, not to forget about the usual time constraints, and I guess a natural resistance to anything man-made that could be overwhelming has to take third place.

The above also almost summarises the reasons for this blog and how I intend to grow it.
Yes, we will be talking about NAMIBIA only, a fascinatingly beautiful country in south-western Africa, about the UNLIMITED opportunities it provides as a travel destination, your experiences and my experiences with Namibia, your and my questions & comments, etc., etc. - hence the blog name "Namibia Unlimited".

When you post comments, please remember that I want to create a learning experience for everyone interested in Namibia. Let's stick to just that, shall we?!

I'm not going to sell you anything Namibian - I prefer you making up your own picture of the country through the articles to follow,
through contributions of others, and eventually perhaps even through personal experiences. Apart from describing "my" Namibia, I will try to capture the characteristics, the moods, the feeling-aspects of this country, of which it has got plenty.

If you'd like to know what Namibia has got to offer to visitors and in terms of tourist services, you'll find all the hard-core stuff on my Namibia Tourism On-line Guide - which, by the way, is currently developed into the most comprehensive INFORMATION ONLY tourism portal on Namibia. If you'd like to book anything you saw there, you'll have to contact the service provider directly.
And in case you are a tourism trade partner to Namibian service suppliers, you might want to check out the section named "Namibia's Special Selection" - you'll find working tools there just for you, like you've never seen them before.

So much for introductions. I'll soon be in touch again with the background story of what got me here in the first place.

For German speaking readers:
P.S.: Beitr├Ąge in Deutsch sind ebenfalls herzlich willkommen!

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